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ok, lets think about this. If a guy is violent, angry, yelling, fighting cursing, is he high, or drunk.....DRUNK.

Now, lets count it up. How many pot related death's have their been in the last....idk....100 years....anyone....mabye 2....3. I'll give it a 10 just to be nice.

Now how many alcohol related deaths have their been in the last....idk....10 years.....5000, 10000, No over 22000 people die a year from alcohol abuse.

Now, how many ciggerette related deaths have their been in the last idk, 1 years....200000 300000, NO, over 440000 die a year from ciggeratte related use.

Now wait a miniute, look at those numbers. And you say pot is horrible. no no no somthings not right!?! explain to me why pot is so bad now?

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