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Hold it- who is trying to say that God is all forgiving? He is only forgiving if you believe that through Jesus Christ you are forgiven. Anyone who opts not to take that forgiveness gets a wonderful time in Hell.

Here's a shocking theological fact- God doles out your punishment in hell, not Satan. Satan dwells on earth corrupting souls.

So, other people have said that there are too many holes in the Bible. This is completely not true. Look at the some 300 prophesies about Jesus's birth, life, and resurection. Every single one of them came true. 33 prophesies were made based on his birth, and for each one of them to come true, it was a 1:1,000,000,000,000,000 (one quadrillion) possibility. I've heard this analogy: Cover the earth in one square foot tiles. One has a star on the bottom-side. The chances of Jesus's birth are near to the chances of you flipping over the right tile.

Also- there was a reference to the burning bush. How would Moses be Schizophrenic? He put his hand in the bush, and he didn't burn. Does his "schizophrenia" control the burning properties of fire? I think not- that takes the devine.

Well, as you can tell, I'm a very faithful Christian, and you'll never take that away from me!

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(but your medical doctor will probably end up killing you )
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