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Woah! Tuff topic, but Im gonna try to say sumthin'. Now, the key words here are "al" and "Nazis." The things i you gotta define what a Nazi really is. Now, I'm pretty sure they all believed in white supremacy, more pure European supremacy. All invalids were persecuted. All non-Catholics were persecuted. No, not all the gypsies were wiped out. A few survived in America. Well, so I guess the next question is, does being racist make you scum? Racism unfortunately has becum a part of human nature. Practically every1 discriminates against some other race or religion or watever. Still, that doesn't make it right, but the truth is the truth. I would not go as far to call them scum. I would say they chose to follow a path that was pretty bad even evil. My godmother is Jewish and I love her a great deal. Wait, off topic. Every1's gonna say sumthin', but I would say that the Nazis were not scum, they were more like people whose souls had been hardened. In almopst all cases, the Nazis were oppressed be4 joining the political party. They were just searching for an answer. By goodness, they chose one of the worst answers possible.

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