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If you are in the military, you follow orders.
Coming from a long line of military personnel and having 19 close friends in the military right now, 17 of them overseas I can let you in on this much: Even if you are given an order, if it is unethical or inhumane you DO NOT follow it. World policy.

Even if the doctors were just experimenting, how does brutally murdering millions of people help mankind in any way? It is quite possible that had Hitler not killed all those people, we would have a cure for cancer by now; therefore maybe the doctors did help mankind, but did they help more than those people they killed might have?

And if you'd like to know where my "bleeding heart" is for the Russians, it's in the same place however I like to stck to the topic at hand which is Nazis, not Russians

Simply put, you have your opinions and I have mine. I may never see your point of view, you may never see mine. Not wrong, not right, but different