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More News.....He called last night I'll just write our convo like a chat convo cus I dont wanna be like...oh he was like..and then I was like...and then he was

me- hey baby

him- hey sweetie, how was your day?

me- boring...I took like three naps today cus I dont feel good

him- aww I hope you get better soon

me- how was your day?

him- I hate school....I wanted to have all of my homework done by 7:30 and fucking deanna made us go to walmart for like an hour and a half. Plus I have to re-do the floor (sweep and mop) cus she said it didn't look right....I have more chores then that and I have to get my damn homework done..I hate it when things don't go the way I plan! I don't think I can put up with this much longer...

me- well you know you dont have to...all you have to do is call your mom

him- I can't do that I'm just being a baby I need to freakin get over it

me- omg I'm sick of this....everytime you let out any kind of emotion you sit there and you put yourself it's okay to feel!! Everytime you let them know how you feel they tell you the only reason you feel that way is cus your a baby or your lazy and thats why you dont like it.....and they actually convince you of that! they make you believe that so everytime you hurt inside you hold it in and call yourself a baby and it's their fault!! (by this time I'm just sobbing) You're not allowed to care about yourself! all you're allowed to care about is them! It's about damn time you start thinking of yourself cus nobody else in that fuckin house does!!

him- baby please don't cry

me- it just breaks my heart!

him- I know sweetie, we'll see what happens ok?

me - ok

him- I just get the feeling I'm gonna get depressed

me- then you need to call your mom

him- well it's awful here...the only thing I was missing when I was with my mom was someone to talk to....shes there but I cant talk to her about everything

me- why can't you talk to me?

him- I wasn't finished...I was gonna say but now I have you think I don't talk to you??

me- no..I just want to make sure.....

him- well you tell me if you ever think that...I get the feeling sometimes that I don't treat you as good as you deserve to be treated...

me- baby you do! you're soo so good to me! you spoil me rotten!

him- okay baby..I love you

me- I love you too sweetheart

him- right now I have a lot to do (he still needed to do his homework and chores) and I'm really mad at them and I don't want to take it out on lemme go and I will call you back when I'm done okay?

me- alright baby

him- I love you baby

me- I love you too sweetie

him- bye my love

me- bye my baby

then when he called back......

me- hey baby

him- hey

me - are you feeling any better?

him- yeah a little..I'm still pissed at her but I got my homework done.

me- that's know you can call me anytime you need someone to talk to..I'm here for you.

him- I know that baby

me- you sound a little sad...

him- well I was thinkin about when I go to my moms.....that will be our first christmas and I wont be with you....

me- well I'm sure we could work something out..if I let my parents know about it right now I'm sure I could get there to be with you ( I was thinking if I have work I could work Xmas morning and like leave that afternoon to go and maybe get off a few days)

him-..yeah! yeah that would work (happy now)

me- everything is gonna be perfect..don't worry

him- okay's late I should probably go to bed so I can get up for school (it was almost midnight)

me- I wish I could sleep with you

him- very soon you will be able to baby

me- hehe okay have a good night sleep

him- you too sweetheart you feel better

me- okay baby

him- I love you my sweet baby girl

me- I love you too sweetheart

him- you have good night sleep

me- you too baby

him- bye my love

me- bye my baby

so yeah....can you see yet why I hate that bitch so much? I wish she would dissapear....and I'm not even kidding >.<

"An it harm none, do what ye will."
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