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And you can still talk to him on the phone right?

Is there any way of Joseph talking to his dad on his own, without his step mum being there? Maybe sitting down and talking calmly, explaining to his dad how he feels? If he didnt want to do it on his own, maybe you could go with him?...and that might help with things instead of having to go to court, he could maybe discuss his reasons for wanting to live with his mum...
Its just, if Josephs step mum carries on that way, it'll put a strain on his relationship with his dad...which in turn may effect him...
Like i said before, i dont know much about the situation, but if possible i would suggest trying to avoid going to court...if she is difficult to live with now, just think what she could be like then...also it could have a big effect on joseph and maybe cause alot of bitterness and a divide in his family...

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