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thanks so much Lynne X 1000

well his dad is completely whiped....his dad refuses to see anything wrong and makes excuses for her constantly cus joseph has tried several times to talk to him about it and they always try to make joseph believe its really just his fault that hes just lazy and doesnt like it (which just makes my blood BOIL!)

I do hope this happens honestly breaks my heart everyday that he has to live there with that...I've cried so many times over it...I absolutley hate it!!
I told him I wanted to go where he was happy and he was like..well the only time I'm really happy is when I'm with you...and of course I almost starting bawling on the spot and I just told him (not sure if I wrote this in my novel or not so I'll just repeat it if I did lol) with him here and deanna being the way she is we're not gonna get any time together anyway except maybe at church....we can alternate months him come here then me go there and stay for a few days (or since he might not be getting a job cus of the school there he could come here and I could pay for it one month and then him the next...) and if you add it up I'll be seeing him more if he was there then I would here! and I told one of my friends online ..I was like I know its good but I'm just gonna miss him in between seeing him and my friend was like....well you do that yeah that was kind of an "ah ha" moment lol

but thanks so much lynne it makes me so happy when people see how much we care about each other

EDIT: oh and yeah...uhm..he's mentioned going to his moms before and he was told no....but if she goes to court and gets custody there's nothing they can do about it....and if he waits till he's 18 there's really nothing they could do about it cus he could tell them pack and leave all in the same day...if he goes before 18 he'll have to stay with his bitch of step mom until all the papers and stuff are finalized which means he basically has to live with satan for a lil while...0_o

"An it harm none, do what ye will."
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