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Originally Posted by Kiros72
Wow! I feel like I just read a novel! (claps)
hehe ditto...although i prob wouldnt have understood anything if it had been any shorter lol

Anyway, first of all, i just wanna say....*goes all mushy* omg! you guys sound like such a perfect couple! I mean, he was willing to carry on living with his step mum just so he could be close to you, and you are willing for him to go and stay with his mum, even though it means you will be further apart...its so lovely!!

But, damn im sorry you guys arent getting on so well with his step-mum, but sometimes ppl are the way they are are and there isnt much we can do but accept it....however, there is usually some reason that causes ppl to act the way they do, whether its because they have been taught to be like that, or something that has happened that makes them act that way....i obviously dont know much about the situation, but is there any way that you or someone else in joseph's family (for example, his dad, if joseph talked to him first) could talk to her? maybe she doesnt realise exactly what she is like?

I hope you dont mind me asking, but has Joseph talked much with his dad and his step-mum about moving in with his mum?

Like i said before though, it sounds like the two of you have a great relationship and it sounds like you've talked about everything and gone about this in the best way that you possibly can
And even though you guys will be further apart, you will be able to appreciate the time you have together more and there will also be less strain on your relationship from his step-mum

I really hope everything works out alright Nykole

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