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I have a face to cover the pain I feel on the inside.
I just cant seem to transefer it to the outside.
Wondering what went dead,
And how I will end up killing this incredible dread.
My face covers it all up,
I hope It wont melt.
I need to preserve my thoughts and mind,
I think ill just need a while to express my piece of mind.
My face expresses nothing and nothing is what ill be known for.
All because no one can see the inside of me!
Not a soul can see what i do.
The strongest quarterback,the fastest swimmer...
They all havent made an impact on me,
Maybe because this face of mine...will decieve you.



Its funny how it seems so right,
When it all is so wrong.
Our lives our all so simple..
But sometimes, we must comtemplate our ideas...
And compare them to the rest.
Im just hanging by a string, atached to a nail.
Once the string gone.
That permanent nail didnt help a bit.
It seems like im always depending on soemthing that wont support me,
yet so close to me, soemthing just not using what i have correctly..
Id be unbreakable then
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