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Default sharing because im bored

You can comtemplate all these vital decisions in life.
Maybe you can take a bit longer with that thought if you put up a good fight.
You can take food from starving children,
Make fun of those retared people.
Drink a pack of budweiser.
In fact you can do alot of it.
You can choose the path you want.
I am goign to take the path that has never been followed.
So i can get lost again.
Have an excuse to take the last pill or cut the remaining flesh off my arms.
Get that extra chance to wind up in another school system.
Live can bring you many new things.
I cant complain,
Im impressed.
Soemone in my life has changed me,
Turned me into somthign new.
Showed me a different path.
Ive never had this taste in my past.
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