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It sounds like you need to relax.

It sounds as if you are focusing on this alot, which means that you arent relaxed when you are with him, which in turn leads to you not orgasmning....its almost like a viscious cycle.
The more you focus on the fact that you think you should orgasm, the less likely it is that you will have one. Youre putting too much pressure on yourself and on your bf. You just need to relax, clear your mind...dont focus on what you think you should be doing, focus on what he is actually doing
If you dont think he is doing what you want him to, then guide him in the direction you want. If i were you i wouldnt say to him directly that he isnt doing it right(male egos lol) maybe just tell him you "love it when he does [insert what you like here]"
It might be an idea to investigate for yourself what feels good for you if you dont already do so. That way, you can communicate with him what you like the most

Well, I hope everything works out as you want it to Remember, just relax and have fun!

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