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Originally Posted by guitarro
if ur sure u wont get caught go for it
umm...the reason you have sex shouldnt be to do with whether or not someone will catch you ...


Originally Posted by r3dl3g
theres a girl that I've been friends with for about 2 months we havn't really hung around with eachother much, we mostly talk on msn., but know she seems to really want to have sex with me, I want to have sex with her also, but she is 13 and I'm 15, shes in middel school and I'm in high school, so I don't know if I would really feel right about it, she lookes older and she said she wouldn't tell anyone. I've asked my brother and a few of my friends about it and they said,"the condoms are in my closet", "you have to take it when you get it" and, "why would it matter it's not like your going out also".

what do you think I should do, and has anyone here had underage sex or sex that they regret?
I agree with everyone ^^ you should get to know the girl, hang out with her.
Going by what you have said in your post, your reasons for thinking about having sex with her seem to be based on her seeming to want to have sex with you. Please, feel free to correct me if im wrong
Its just, well you havent mentioned if you actually like her, or if you get on really well or even if you think she is attractive. Dont you think those would be better reasons for you to base your decision on?
My advice to you is, dont rush into anything that you might regret...and dont let her do the same. You are both young, you have plenty of time for this. Maybe you could talk about things with her properly? and not just about having sex, i mean about the consequences and what will happen afterwards.
There are alot of other things you can do besides sex like having a relationship with her, kissing her, touching her...there are plenty of options.

Either way, i hope everything goes well

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