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ok, I wrote this song after a very good friend died, and it helped me get my feeling altogether and just acsept that he was gone and i wouldn't see him til i died. so i was planing on singing this @ my churchs talent show, what do you think :Life’s Like That
Yeah I know there’s some songs about this but no one feels the way I Do. Life’s like that.
We al live and then we die, yeah he was gone like that. Life’s like that.
We miss you so bad but we’ll see you again. Life’s like that.
God and Love will bring us back, but you have to believe.
Chorus: Life’s like that, you live and then you die, we miss you so and with you’d come back, but we can’t change death and we can’t change life, yeah life’s like that. oh oh oh, oh oh oh.
We all say that we love god and that we go to church. Life’s like that.
Yeah I know some of us are loyal to our faith. Life’s like that.
But we almost all lie ‘cuz we don’t know god.


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