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the bottum line is The government needs more money for the army, schools, doctors, etc.

And if that means your precios foot ball stars only get to live in a big house, not 4 mansions, oh boohoo.

just ask yourselves whats fore important, T.V. or an education system.

I have a story thats a great example-----

Ryan is one of my moms frends kids. He has diabeties and was on his way to a doctors office for a cheak up. His normal doctors office was closed, no doctor. So his mom called my dad, who works at a hospital, and he told her of the next close office, and the next, and the next. FINNALY she found one. What if something had been seriusly wrong with Ryan and they wasted all that time trying to find a doctor. Why were there no doctors, The DOCTORS are being over taxed. If the state had more mony to pay doctors more with NO Doctors office would be closed becouse one doctor couldn't show up.

I hate these stupid things
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