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Default a freand called love

A freand called

verse 1

like almost evrey teanager
they walk down the halls at school
only to find people that hurt them
make fun of them they put them down
they think they are beater
then all the reast
they humiliate them discrace them
make them cry and hurt inside

but all in all
they doint know what they are doing
they are hurting thim
they are kiling them

choris 1

as they cry them selvs to sleep
I pray that someone soon will relize
that what they need
is a freand called love
thouse simpal words
that say I love you
take a second to say
and by saying them
youl change a life or two

verse 2

there are people
who are hurting
who fell so much pain deep inside
they fell rejected
so unloved
they just want to end there lives
and go and die

choris 2

but right now
they could use a freand
and the strongest one I know
is the one called love
it can hill them
it can mind them
it can help them see the light
of a brighter day
a brighter day

repet choris 1 and then 2

(Softly) a brighter day
Repet 4 times


by saying thouse simpale words
I love you over and over
by steping up and saying
this world needs love
and thats the truth

repet bridge 3 times

and as I come to a close
I hope youve come to realize
that what this world neds more
is love

a littal freand called love

repet 3 times

a freand called love.....

come to my dieary

evreything and inbatween

it rocks

and im shuting up now

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