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Originally Posted by 6XxRazorBla6deKissesxX6
Originally Posted by _you_killed_me_x
kashia you need to stop doing that if you are still.
it doesn't do anything but get people scared for you and i don't want you to mess up and i have to talk to a tombstone for the rest of my life (omg i sound like jay).
yeah i trying 4 days today...wait...yeah...4 days cuz i did it monday 4 times and then i havnt done it since wait no...ugh hold on. yes. 4 days. Ive had a few urges but by the time I got home from band camp I was better and yeah. Ive figured out that this year is going to be pure hell. I guess I might wanna get used to being trombone reject 3...the other thrombones talk shit about me fun fun. ugh
Aww hun, don't feel bad. I am stuck in a school where it appears so far, everyone hates me. Guess we both have to get used to those things, eh?

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