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They have?, i hate ppl who judge and just say stuff and...

Like i said before though, you do what you want to do. If you want to lose weight, then go for it, if you dont want to lose weight, then dont.
What you do is up to you entirely, its your body. Whatever you do, just dont let small minded, judgemental ppl effect your decision that you make about your body.
It sucks that ppl are like that, if you arent exactly the same as them or exactly the same as some air brushed pic of a celebrity in a magazine or on tv, then they tell you that you need to change something about yourself...
Sorry, talk about a rant but whatever you do, make sure you do it for you, and only you.... and of course, make sure you are healthy

Anyway, i should probably stop rambling on and on but i just want to say, Ashley i think you look gorgeous in all of your pics, youre really pretty....and you have such a lovely smile

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