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Originally Posted by Kiros72
PCI-E 16x (as far as I know) is only used for Gfx cards. Though it would be nice to have a SCSI adapter for a 16x slot. The PCI-E 1x - 4x is mostly used for adapters (USB, firewire, NICs, etc) and I think 4x might be used for some Serial ATA and SCSI adapters.

PCI-E is basically just a MAJOR upgrade for expansion (PCI) slots - Think about it, Gfx cards used to be made for PCI, along with sound cards, usb, firewire, bluetooth and other connection adapters, Serial ATA and SCSI adapters, and some more things. So hopefully in a few years (like maybe 3-5) the cards that were made for PCI will also be made for PCI-Express
They're planning them to be. PCI will be phased out in a few years. And when they do, all motherboards will be made with PCI-e.

A good indication of when this'll happen, seems to be Aegia (sp?) When their physics cards make the switch, so will most motherboards, or something...
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