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I just think that gays should have the same rights as homosexuals, but just in a civil union. Yes, we have no right to judge, but churches have an obligation to combat sin. You can't deny that maraige was started to recognise people as being promised to each other, and ready to start a family.
sorry young ones, but regardless of what you've heard in church or on fox news, marriage existed before christianity and judaism. It was not created as a religious practice; couples have been promising themselves to each other before they ever heard of Jesus and God a few thousand years ago.

also, have you not noticed that many people get married without any religious backing? They go to the courhouse, sign the papers, and get married. Sometimes it's because they're in love, sometimes it's because they got pregnant accidentally, sometimes it's so they can get tax breaks - but you don't have to get married in a church, you don't need a preacher to sanctify it, and if you're going to talk about "the sanctity of marriage," did you know that half of all marriages end in divorce?

IF you want to protect marriage as a sacred institution and you wan't to ban something, ban divorce. You shouldn't ban any of it, but it's obviously hypocritical to say that gay marriage is wrong but to allow divorce, don't you think?

Hate that it's me who has to burst your little religious bubbles.
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