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I'm so sorry Patch, I don't know what happened, I saw you with the blue "frozen" face and I was in complete shock, I was just trying to believe that it was a mistake and that'd the next time I saw your name you'd have that old mod face again, of course that never happened. Never thought something like that would happen to you out of all people. I just, I froze up, I was so afraid to say the wrong thing so I didn't say anything, when anything would have been better than what I did, and Patch, I give you my deepest apologies, and I know that doesn't mean much but it's all I have. I'm so sorry Patch.

If you choose to leave, I will miss you a great deal, you don't have to believe that, I don't expect you too, but I will.

Love you.

“Some days even my lucky rocketship underpants won't help.”
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