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Default The Worst 24hrs

by Being Frozen from this site,
Thise site, that i have slaved my ass off for over a year,
this site, this forum that i have modded for over a year,
This Community where i have helped nearby every member thas active in some way shape or form,

i have come to realise i am given no respect now from anybody bar three people,
Cody, james and now unfortunatly banned matt.

i am even more upset at a few people here, that i thought i deserved more respect from,

Heather, i have not found one post by you, asking for me being brought back to this site, if you have somewher,e then im sorry i made a mistke, but i havn't found anything from you sticking up for me...after everything, we've been here together for a long time, i;ve tried to help you as much as possible, but obviously i didnt do a good enough job.

Josh, I've slaved for you, slaved, and i've never...ever...been given the respect i deserve...i've slaved for you, i've slaved for your forum, and your members...and ive nothing to show for it but a freezing from you,
i can safely say i've been on this site, overall at least as muh as you have, if not more. I LOVE this site, just as much as you do, and its as important to me as it is to you, i may not be the creator, i may not be an adin, hell i'm not even worthy of global mod status, but i love this site so god damn much.

Josh, By Freezing me last night, you put me through hell,
and i really hope this makes you happy, because its far worse then i ever freezing me last night, you ruined mine an dmy girlriends night, for one, you also nearly made me loose a 150 day cut free steak, and i swear to god, if i was kept off this site for 1hr longer. i would of gladly given up my cut free record for five years and slashed my wrists three times over...thats how much this site means to me.
Do you understand now?

I Can't believe josh, you would rather keep a poster that joined 4days ago, with 10posts, who will most probably lleave and never come back after a week, over me...your faithfull servent.

Kiros, I Really do not understand whats going on with you now. I'm gonna leave it as that. When you joined, you were immature and annoying, when you recieved a position of power you grew up.almost overnight, you were a real god guy...but recently i just dont know whats up with you.

Okay guy's as i will probably get banned from this site for this post, this vent, this honesty, i've been driven to go to, to make people see what this site means. So I would like to say my goodbyes now, i wont do individueals, anyone important enough will stay in contact with me on msn, but this is my goodbye and farewel for when i get banned...

The Last thing, the last note i would like to say is,
I may have been frozen, i may have been banned, i may have lost my mod position, one that i have done a good job in for over a year, i may have lost it all,
but i will always be that blonde haired fiesty boy,
i will always be....The Peoples Champ

Yours Faithfully


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