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Originally Posted by x-Synthetic Teardrops-x
The only reason I can think of why anyone would want to abolish the counselor position is jealousy.
When people see the Counselor picture, they see that they can go to that person with their problems, and they will be helped in some way shape, or form. The Counselor position mean that, that person can help, and is very good at helping.
I do think Kiros is doing an excellent job, and for anyone to think otherwise, you know nothing. You do not know what goes on through PMs, Aim, MSN, etc.
Matt, I'm sorry, but your little hate list is fucking retarded. All of a sudden Austin is off that list, and now kiros is on it because you have a "grudge" against him. That's childish. You shouldn't even have a list at all.

Keep the Counselor position.
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