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Originally Posted by cosmos
Originally Posted by Jagged Little Pill
*coughs(suck up!) loudly* i think you should stay with are very taleneted in that field. you dont seem to be a counselor. in fact when people have problems in the depression forum you dont even respond! what a counselor. you know who always responds....HEATHER! for one thing and many others! but i have not once seen you try to help out them! so get rid of your job!
ya, i agree, that was the biggest admin suckup job ever. and ya kiros, i dunno who on earth would actually go to you for help, because there are a lot more experienced people to go to instead. the position is worthless, but ill tell u im not fighting against it just because i dont like u. the position itself is a bad idea, and no amount of person could ever fulfil it.

and dont freeze mute, he wasnt being a jackass at all. if you think what he did was being a jackass, why dont u just freeze 80% of all members as well for being jackasses. please.
... What? You think that no one comes to me for help?


Yeah, that's the biggest joke I've heard all year. My inbox is almost full of nothing but sessions. And plus, I've helped like 20 members - at leat - with their problems, and personally - not like you seem to do, and fight... Not only that kid, but I've helped about 10 teens locally and about 5 of them keep wanting to talk to me about something everyday. Not that you would know anything about that though... Oh yeah, and you think you're more experienced? HA! No.. really, you know absolutely nothing about experiences. I can tell from the way you act. From the way you want everything your way - you have no worries in the world because everything has to be taken care of by others and done the way you want it. The way you act sickens me...

And Austin? You think that I don't answer questions? Please point something out to me that was blatently passed up by me and wasn't answered enough already? Hmmm? Can you? Didn't think so. It's because I try my best to answer every single question and address every issue that comes up - and if someone has already stated most of what I was going to say, then why bother spamming? (Not that you or Matt would stop spamming) And Heather.... She really is the best moderator out there. I probably won't ever be able to compare to her, but that doesn't mean I don't try. ...Yeah, whyyy in the world would a counselor actually try?

Suckup? I told him awesome job... ô.o So apparently I can no longer go around congradgulating people without being called suck up?

OK, so what's the count now? 6-8 Yes and 2 No? Something like that...

Anyway, I said I was going to stay out of this, and I will, as long as people quit bashing me and just state their view on the abolishment...


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