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Originally Posted by Josh

Look he's a new member and he has the right to express his opinion. I should freeze you for being a jackass to him. So aplogize to him please.
Takes two to argue josh,
if your gonna freeze me then do it.
you know what im like, you know ive ben involved iin most of the fights on this place..but then again if your gonna freeze me, you should him to.

but i will not hand over an apology to him, so you might as well ban me for all i care, tall attacked me for no reason, came out of nowhere, so i took him apart. it was an arguemtn. its gonna happen.

quite frankly i think you just just do it. ban me get it over with. you wouldn't ban lets see if im as important as he is shall we?

meh im going on holiday soon, so it rreally doesnt matter.

Originally Posted by Ripplemagne
18. Come back when you stop failing.
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