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Originally Posted by TheWizard
Originally Posted by Mute
who the hell are you to have a go at me you little noob shit?

you've joined today and have less then 10posts
you have no ideawhats goign on.
theres far much more that people who have been here longer then a couple of hours would understand.

fuck off back to the puberty forum or where ever you came from because really, this place doesnt suit you and never will

Originally Posted by Jackass
look, really, the guy has taken a course in psychology, and assumably has the papers or certificate/diploma to prove it, and is now taking another one. Can you say the same?
I should demod you for jumping a new member. But just STFO
he blatently doesnt have a diploma because for that you would have to go through college an duni to get one and if he was in uni, whichhes not then hewouldnt eb on this site...obviosuly if you wertn such a newbie you would know that

Originally Posted by Jackass

Do you want to be councillor or something, because judging by the act you've put on about it, you'd be a real bad one.
NO, i wouldnt want to be councillor, i would rather have the position abolished, like if you actulary payed attention to my post, and not thoguht 'hey i'm obviously an asswhole so im gonna jump the gun and attack someone'
ya knwo what i probably would make a bad councillor,
but thats me sayign that, not you, you have no right to judge me,
your opinion is worthless
oh and btw, i've been a mod on this site for over a i'm obviously not bad at my job..or i would of been fired.

Originally Posted by Jackass

Are you kidding? When YOU have an advanced degree in psychology, I might agree with that, but you don't. Why should he step down if there is no-one else qualified to take his place.
omg this is just getting funny now, your lack of ability to read is impressive, kiros does nto have an advanced degree, he simply stated he took a psychology course and is takign another one...he would be alot older and alot wiser if he had an advanced qualification
and alright then if nobody is qualified enough ro whatever to becoem a councillor then they might aswell abolish the position because thats what both me and matt have been saying...not thatwe want to be one...get your facts straight newbie

Originally Posted by Jackass
, and you might be listened to!
you obviously won't be listend to by anybody including our mr perfect councillor here because my little idiotic asswhole, you are just a stupid little newbie, whose been here less then a day and your opinion does nto count.

i'm sorry i had to rip you apart. you provoked me. just dont get involved. you knownothing.

god ihate newbies these days..always thinking they know everything...jeez
Look he's a new member and he has the right to express his opinion. I should freeze you for being a jackass to him. So aplogize to him please.
Wow...I didnt see that one coming

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