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Originally Posted by Jagged Little Pill
*coughs(suck up!) loudly* i think you should stay with are very taleneted in that field. you dont seem to be a counselor. in fact when people have problems in the depression forum you dont even respond! what a counselor. you know who always responds....HEATHER! for one thing and many others! but i have not once seen you try to help out them! so get rid of your job!
ya, i agree, that was the biggest admin suckup job ever. and ya kiros, i dunno who on earth would actually go to you for help, because there are a lot more experienced people to go to instead. the position is worthless, but ill tell u im not fighting against it just because i dont like u. the position itself is a bad idea, and no amount of person could ever fulfil it.

and dont freeze mute, he wasnt being a jackass at all. if you think what he did was being a jackass, why dont u just freeze 80% of all members as well for being jackasses. please.
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