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Originally Posted by Charlie Pace
I am a virgin. And I plan to stay that way for quite a while. QQUUUUIIIIITTTTEEEEE a while. My education is far more important to me than sex.
yeah i agree with you, for us now between 13~19 or plus, we should care our education more than sex, dont waste our time too much on sex or love or whatever

Originally Posted by Twitcherz
I am a virgin, Im 15 years old, Im gonna wait another year or two I think. Although I would do other stuff like oral etc, thats not loosing your virginity is it.
perhaps your country legal age for sex is 16, mine is 18 or 21 i just forgot
i would wait until a girl that i really love and then i will do it

i just hope i can share the first moment feelings with the one i really love with and i hope she will is virgin too ^^

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