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Default How?

I have been gay since i was around 12..i am 16 now and all my female friends keeps asking me "are you gay" cuz apparently i am really camp and flirt with men...i always say NO! becuase i cudnt bare to tell them, i know they wudnt mind but if they know then my family wud have to know and i just cudnt deal with that

How did you guys come out? what did u say?

also i have this mad crush on this guy called John, he is 16 and he is hot...he always talks about gay sex and things like "wud u eva have gay sex for a thousand pounds" it may just b me getting the wrong idea here, idk..but i think he may b on to me and hinting that he wud like it...what do u guys think? any ideas?

isnt it hard when no1 knows ur gay and u just want to scream it from the tops of every house in ur area? (what a great Jerry springer show title) but u cant cuz u dnt want ur family to know..any1 in any sorta similar possition here?
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