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No it's a debate.

Anyways I think it has some purpose, but I don't think it should have global modding capabilities and I don't think that it's reasonable anymore. Yes I know I suggested it ages ago (topic's pruned now ) but it was fitting then. It was fitting then becuase nobody was extremely active and that could have possibly gotten vT more traffic by guests thinking there was a cousellor to talk to, it sounded professional. But now it's not needed. There's great advice given everyday and the purpose of this community is that everyone chips in, not just one person that's got good education. If you have good education, good for you, that's great for life. But saying that doesn't mean you're any higher than all of us, if you want to help then post, don't do it through PM. And don't tell me some people don't want the world to know, becuase guess what, the world doesn't know you, you only let people know you if they want them to know you and what I mean in saying this is that you only let go the privacy you want to let go, for ex. if you don't want people to know your name, you don't make your username your real life name. It's as simple as that, make an account that has absolutly no relavence to you and then post it. And since there's way more active users today that can give more advice, the counsellor job is n/a.
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