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look, really, the guy has taken a course in psychology, and assumably has the papers or certificate/diploma to prove it, and is now taking another one. Can you say the same? Do you want to be councillor or something, because judging by the act you've put on about it, you'd be a real bad one.

reasons being: just because YOU have a psychology course under ure belt doesnt mean the position shud be kept, and besides maybe if the position is kept then there should be a different councillor and you should step down from your position to give someone else a chance to be councillor?
Are you kidding? When YOU have an advanced degree in psychology, I might agree with that, but you don't. Why should he step down if there is no-one else qualified to take his place.

If ANYONE else has a degree in psychology, then speak up, and you might be listened to!
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