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unfortunatly i do now have to agree with matt

reasons being: just because YOU have a psychology course under ure belt doesnt mean the position shud be kept, and besides maybe if the position is kept then there should be a different councillor and you should step down from your position to give someone else a chance to be councillor?

secondly, you are now claming global modding powers which you were NOT given. i was around way before you and i was around when u wer given ure position. josh said for you to be councillor he had to give you global mod powers BUT you are not a global mod, and never have been...yet the power has seemed to have goen to youtrr head and you seem to think you are a global mod...oh dear..and whenever someone confronts this you lock the topic so nobody can say different.

you may give up your time to help people, but so do i, you can still help people without this position or you could simply put in your sig pm me if you want to talk because i have a psychology degree or whatever...

dammit i know i had somethignelse to say but its slipped my mind for the second maybe i'll remember it later...

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