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Default I don't completely agree.

I don't think it should be.

First of all, I've taken a psychology course and I'm taking second one this year. I've helped dozens of people close to me deal with their problems and get over them. I always try to be as helpful as I can be, and if further help is needed, I redirect the person to someone or something that can be more of assistance to them. And I try my hardest.

Just let me try to explain something. Matt, you said VT should provide an
enviornment where EVERYONE can go to ANYONE
but this is still what VT has. People do not HAVE to come to me, I'm just asking them to try it if they think it would help. And before, I noticed that someone said EVERYONE should help EVERYONE. Well, let me put that in to a different perspective. EveryONE should help everyONE: this just means that everyone as individual teens should help everyone as individual teens, and treat them like that. I'm trying to do VT a favor by being the counselor. And even still, the counselor position is not closed. If someone has the time, has the experience, and Josh trusts them, then that someone can also be a counselor. But temporarily, we are discussing a few things to clarify positions and such. Anyway, please remember...

I give MY time away to help those who want it, I push MY friends away so I can talk to those on who need it, and I put every member of VT before MYself so that they might have a chance to feel better and live happier lives. Does this mean nothing?

... But ummm, this post is probably biased, so I'll stay out of this.

Please, more opinions and posts.

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