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I check my room every night even in illogical spaces like my bathroom cabinets or the ceilings and then I turn around and double-check because I think maybe somebody slipped in while I was checking somewhere else. Then when I go to sleep and I'm sitting in bed I turn the light back on to make sure nobody moved while I was gone. Also when I'm in class I actually had to ask for special permission to sit near people I know because they know about the things I can't stand. Like I can only right with a pencil (sharp or mechanical) or a black ballpoint pen. I can't doodle on my papers I have a special thing for that. And you know how sometimes people write random little things on your papers I can't stand that or else I have to rip out that page and all the other pages if it's numbered. So I need to people that know what not to do. And all the desks of the row I sit in have to be straight and in groups of 3,4,5,7, or divisible by 3. Not all of the rows though, just the one I sit in. . . . Random long post
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