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Originally Posted by Dante
lol, you guys though he was talkin bout real*ok im done laughing

But yea....I was kind of upset about that whole hot coffee controversy.

see what happened was these hacker ppl, made this mod to unlock a hidden sex game in GTA: San Andreas.....where it actuially showed the main charachter and this girl engage in sexual activities( no private parts were shown) Hillary Clinton was like this is unacceptable blah blah blah.....first they found it in the PC version, then the Ps2 version.

So ESRB gave it an AO rating, which is very all major retailers took it off the shelves....thank goodness i have my copy a while....and the thing is its not like u can just put in he code, u need that yea that it.
The big deal was that it was hidden in the programming of San Andreas, it wasn't made from scratch by the modder. I've heard it was just a matter of changing a boolean variable... correct me if I'm wrong.

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