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Default This May seem long....

Please please read this and tell me what you think, a mate of mine wrote it and he is thinking about finsihing it and publishing it, what do u think?


Skylers voice was sharp, as he tried to keep tears from running down his pale cheeks. Ian twitched as he dabbed the wet paper towel on the bloody cuts and scratches that covered his face and arms. "Nothing, but be different." He almost screamed. Skyler could tell he was upset. Ian would never raise his voice unless the usual group pissed him off. Like they had done a few minutes ago.
” I can't take it anymore, Ian." Skyler stopped dabbing Ian’s wounds and pressed his face into Ian’s shoulder.
"Sky, they'll get what they deserve." He said calmly, trying to reassure not only Skyler, but also himself. Pulling Skyler closer, he gently rested his head on top of his.
” How can you be so sure, our parents aren’t going to do anything about it? Especially your dad. He hates the fact that you love me. And what about our friends? Huh, Katie already got beat up for being seen with us. And Matt he doesn’t want to be seen with us incase they go after him next! What about them? God these bastards have taken our fucking lives away from us!" Ian pat Skyler head, it didn’t help much though. Ian knew Skyler was right. They’re friends had been scared off because they didn’t want to get the shit beat out of them for being friends with someone that was 'gay'. For some bizarre, twisted reason, that no one could explain not even Ian or Skyler the government didn’t want to legalize love for gay couples. It wasn’t right or at least it wasn’t thought of as right in their little hometown, of Palmdale California, if that’s what you wanted to call it. It sure as hell wasn’t much of a home. Homes where supposed to be inviting and warm, cheerful and loving, not filled with hatred to the rim and possessed with people who wanted you to be miserable. Skyler hated it, he hated the fact that he couldn’t go out in public and show emotion to his boyfriend. He hated that he couldn’t hold hands with Ian at school because the teachers said it would put mind-boggling thoughts into the students, or because 'they' didn’t believe in 'gays'. It was all fine and dandy if the 'straight' or 'normal' couples kissed or hugged, even held hands but not for Skyler and Ian not for the 'gay' couple. That was their label, either 'the two gay guys', 'cock suckers', 'fruity tutee freaks' or 'fucking weirdo’s from fuck Ville'.
"Skyler... I promise, it will all end one day. And when it does, we will show the fucking world our love for each other. We'll walk down the halls holding hands. We'll make out where ever we want, right in front of those straight couples. We'll show them, babe, we will... one day."
Lifting Skylers chin up, he placed his lips just barely on top of Skylers. Ian looked him in the eyes. Ian loved how Skylers eyes were a deep green colour with blue rings on the outside. They were beautiful just gorgeous to look at. Anyone who seen them thought so. Even if they hated him, they agreed he had the most beautiful eyes ever. Ian moved his hand down Skylers leg, just below his thigh, putting pressure on just the right spots. Skylers breathing became quicker. Ian pressed his lips against Skylers, opening his lips just a little to let Ian’s tongue slip inside to play with his own. Ian’s hand was placed at the back of Skylers head so he couldn’t pull away at any moment. He didn’t want him to, he wanted to just sit there and kiss him, even if someone walked in, Ian didn’t care. Let them watch two guys in love. They were both lost in each other at the moment, they didn’t hear the footsteps of some one coming into the bathroom. Until, they spoke. It was a deep voice, it wasn’t their principle just a student.
"What the fuck do you think you’re doing fags? That’s fucking gross, fuck haven’t you guys ever been told that its not normal to like other guys. I’m glad I came in here now I can go tell Mr. Dewber what I seen and you two fucks will finally be thrown out of this school. Tisk tisk tisk, I was really starting to warm up to you guys."
Skyler quickly pulled away from Ian’s grip. Looking up at this student Skyler noticed it was Brandon Wolfer, he was in his Language class he hated him. Brandon was the worst of them all. He knew how to get on Ian’s nerves just right. Skylers heart sunk about fifty feet when he heard what Brandon said. They probable would get thrown out of the school. They had been told many times if they did anything, ANYTHING they would be in shit, and lots of it.
"Skyler Cool, Ian York. Why am I not surprised to see you two here. Yet, again? What happened this time boys?"
Ian and Skyler took a seat across from each other in the new blue chairs that sat waiting their future in Mr. Deweber's office. Ian grabbed Skylers hand and interlocked his fingers with his own. Mr.Deweber sitting across from them both in the big desk that read "I’m the boss so you better listen to me". When he seen them holding hands he glared at it in disgust like they weren’t real humans with emotions and feelings even rights!
"Well, will one of you please tell me what happened exactly?"
He was starting to get impatient waiting, so Ian spoke up. Lifting his head up so he could see the principle.
"Mr. Deweber, obviously Brandon told you what happened. Or we wouldn’t be here. So, Sir why don’t you just tell my boyfriend and me what are punishment is and get it over with? Going to kick us out of school, going to ban us from seeing each other?"
Skyler picked his head up from where he had it perched on one of his hands. Squeezing Ian’s hand to try to calm him down. It worked Ian sat back, he was huffing his breathing had become more panic or angry.
"Ian, please calm down. For once, I’m not going to kick you out. I’m going to let you stay in school, gay or not you need an education. But you did know the rules, no kissing, hugging, holding hands." He emphasized the holding hands part, and pointed to their hands that rested on the one arm. Ian and Skyler both let out a relieved sigh. "What I’m going to do Mr. Cool and Mr. York is I’m going to call your parents. See what they think I should do. I mean they don’t let you go gallivanting your sexuality all over do they?"
Ian thought his heart had stopped he even felt his chest just to make sure he was just over reacting. The words I’m going to call your parents weren’t the ones he wanted to hear.
"Mr. Deweber, please don’t. You have no clue how much shit I'll be in. Please if you have any respect for my boyfriend and me. Please don’t do this, just give us our punishment. Expel us or something just don’t call my parents. Please, I’m begging you not to!"
"Should have though of that, before you began kissing Mr. Cool here. Then you wouldn’t have this problem, right Ian?"
Ian sunk back into the chair imagining what his father would do, or even say.
There was tension in both the minds of Skyler and Ian for the rest of the day, they could only wonder what they may encounter when they arrived home that evening, extremely luckily for Ian only his mother was home when the principal had called home, she promised Ian that she would keep it quiet for as long as possible.
That night the two lovers sat at home whilst having an Internet conversation it went as follows:
|[Paint me] Pretty in blood...| I<3 Ian |says:
Haha, yeah I know... god I hate him. Hes a fucking jerk. Thank god it was only your mom that was home. Shes not gonna tell him is she?
{}Shallow hearts will never break us apart{} I <3 Skyler {}says:
I know, if my dad would have come I dont know what the fuck I would have done. Im not sure, we talked when we got into the car, she said she wouldnt but, I mean what if it just... slips out. You know?
|[Paint me] Pretty in blood...| I<3 Ian |says:
Fuck I hope not, my mom said she would talk to your mom if you want. But hun about your dad I dont know. Hes like a fucking phyco bitch from hell. I know he doesnt like the fact that you love a guy, but still doesnt he want you to be happy?
{}Shallow hearts will never break us apart{} I <3 Skyler {}says:
Your kiddind me right, babe? He doesnt care, you know that. He just wants me to be like my brother. The strong, manly, boy that Im not.
|[Paint me] Pretty in blood...| I<3 Ian |says:
...yeah I know... I just wish he would understand...
{}Shallow hearts will never break us apart{} I <3 Skyler {}says:
He never will! But anyways, I should go its getting late and I need sleep for tomorrow. You are coming arnt you?
|[Paint me] Pretty in blood...| I<3 Ian |says:
Hell yes, babe I wouldnt miss this for the fucking world! You know that. What time are we leaveing with the guys?
|[Paint me] Pretty in blood...| I<3 Ian |says:
... Ian.. babe... you there?
{}Shallow hearts will never break us apart{} I <3 Skyler {}says:
Yeah sorry, thought I heard someone coming... Umm I believe we are leaving at around 1:00. We need to be there by 5:00 and its about an hour away so that will give us plenty of time to unpack, set up, eat, rehures and make out a few times...*winks*
|[Paint me] Pretty in blood...| I<3 Ian |says:
Naughty naughty boy! Alright, I'll be ready, you coming to pick me up or what?
{}Shallow hearts will never break us apart{} I <3 Skyler {}says:
Yeah, me and the guys will pick you up at 12:20 is that okay? You'll be gorgeous for me?
|[Paint me] Pretty in blood...| I<3 Ian |says:
Well I dont know, I might have to go to bed now to keep my perfect complection. And I dont think I can eat, because then that would ruin my figure! *gasps* We dont want that now do we?
{}Shallow hearts will never break us apart{} I <3 Skyler {}says:
Shut up, you always look fantastic, and your body, mmm god. Im getting off just thinking about it. But anyways... I should go... soon.
|[Paint me] Pretty in blood...| I<3 Ian |says:
Ooo lala, can I join you? Grr, yeah you should we dont want your dad to come in... haha thats odd. So then I'll see you tomorrow, you promise?
{}Shallow hearts will never break us apart{} I <3 Skyler {}says:
I promise, hun. I'll be there around 12:20, no later! Be neato, gorgeous and ready to rock out with your cock out! Lol.
|[Paint me] Pretty in blood...| I<3 Ian |says:
Fuck yes, definitly. Bye babe, Love you lots *hugs and kisses*
{}Shallow hearts will never break us apart{} I <3 Skyler {}says:
Night, sleep tight, and think of me. *hugs and kisses* love you!
|[Paint me] Pretty in blood...| I<3 Ian |says:
Love you too babe, grr I dont want you to leave.
{}Shallow hearts will never break us apart{} I <3 Skyler {}says:
Babe I have too, and I will call you tomorrow morning before I come.
|[Paint me] Pretty in blood...| I<3 Ian |says:
Okay, night lovely, I love You
{}Shallow hearts will never break us apart{} I <3 Skyler {}says:
I love you too babe!
What the fuck is that? I love you, that better be a girl you said that to. Not your friend Skyler!"
Ian jumped when he heard his dads’ rough, angry voice. He must have come in when Ian sent the I love you did he read the rest of the conversation. Shit what am I going to do. Ian was filled with hatred and fear. He knew he couldn’t run, his dad would just follow him. But he couldn’t just sit there like a defenceless little child either. Ian’s dad had picked him up by the collar of his light blue polo shirt. He could just touch the carpeted floor with his tips of his toes. His dad was about an inch away from his face. Spitting the words out like hate.
"How many times have I told you? No son of mine is going to like other guys! That’s wrong, and sick and twisted. God wouldn’t stand for it. Now you listen to me young man, I said no son of mine is going to be gay! Not while he’s living in my house, and not over my dead fucking body! Now where--"
"No dad, you listen to me, he’s not my friend he’s my boyfriend okay! There is a difference, we are in love and I don’t care if you don’t approve. We love each other and that’s all that matters. So you can take your morals and god and shove them up your fucking ass. Alright, because I’m sick of hearing that its not right, what the fuck do you know about love and what is wrong and right? He’s my boyfriend and I love him!"
A tear stung at Ian’s eye. When Mr.York seen this he got even more furious. He hated when guys cried said it wasn’t humane for a man to cry. Raising his hand up he slapped the side of Ian’s face. Shock reaction Ian held his hand where the part of his face was red and stinging from the hit. He looked at his dad with confusion, hate and fear bottling up inside him.
"Now, I said no son of mine is going to like guys. You understand me? Its wrong and its not legal for a fucking reason!"
"Dad, you don’t want me to be happy? Is that it? You want me to pretend I’m straight. Pretend that Skyler doesn’t exist, pretend I don’t love him? Hide my feelings for him? What kind of father are you? None, that’s right I said it, I fucking hate you. Skyler and me love each other. I’m proud of who I am, and I'll say it over and over until you accept it. Dad, I’m gay, a fag, queer. I like guys not girls! And if you don’t like it, then we have nothing to say to each other. It doesn’t bother me if you don’t accept it, but for fuck sake I’m your son. What, are you going to cast me out of your life?"
"I want you out, your no longer my son, and you no longer live here. If you even think of running to that fag Skyler, I swear I will kill you! You fucking ass crawler!"
Ian choked back more tears, afraid of getting hit even harder, why had he said all of that? Of course he meant all of it. Mr. York let go of Ian’s collar. He stumbled back a few steps and caught his balance by holding onto the computer desk. Mr. York muttered words of hatred toward his son. He left Ian’s room slamming the door behind him, which caused Ian’s room to rattle. Sending shivers down his small figure.
"Fuck I have to get out of here."
Ian whispered to himself. Walking over to his bed he picked up his cell phone. Dialling Skylers number, while waiting for him to pick up he knelt down and reached for his tattered old faded pink backpack. A few notes and pictures fell out of it. He reached down and looked at them, running his finger over Skylers young, beautiful face. This made a smile appear on his face. Pushing them back into the bag he moved over to his closet to grab some clothes.
"Hello? Hello? Ian? What the fuck? Stupid pranksters!"
"No, wait! Skyler, Hun, its me. Sorry I got distracted..."
"Where you looking at naked pictures of me.. again? Geez thought I told you those where only for emergencies! Haha."
"Humm, yeah. Umm Skyler. Do you mind if I... come over... tonight?"
"Are you kidding me? I would love for you to come over! Do you need a ride, Ill come pick you up."
"No, its okay. I'll... drive..."
"Babe, what’s wrong? Did something happen? Tell me please? I swear if he touched your gorgeous face, I'll kick his fucking ass. Did he hurt you?"
"Sky, please, its okay. I just need to get out of here. I'll tell you everything when I get to your house. OK?"
"Yeah, I'll be here. Love you."
"Love you too babe."
With that said he hung up the phone. Grabbing his jacket, keys, backpack and shoes he raced down the stairs, out the front door and to his car.
It was a long and unforgiving journey to Skylers house, Ian’s head was spinning with new thoughts of fear, what would he do, the place he had always called home he was no longer welcome, his father, his own father hated him, but Ian did not ponder this fact for very long. His father was the least of his worries.
He arrived at Skylers moms place, he knocked on the door after a second Skyler answered looking worried.
Fuck him! God I hate him. He would cast his own son out, wouldn’t he? He’s that much of a self-indulgent bastard! He hates it that much! Fu-"
"Don’t worry, I’m out of there aren’t I? And besides I would much rather spend my night cuddling up to your warm body. Then lying in that place alone."
Pulling Skyler closer to his body, Ian began kissing Skylers neck. Making sure to spend more time on the most sensitive spots. Sending waves of pleasure up Skylers body. Moving his kisses down across his collarbone, across his right shoulder and up to his ear. He gently licked at Skylers skin, letting his warm breath and moist tongue collide with Skylers chilled body. Skyler let out a small moan, letting Ian know what he was doing to him. Ian began to nibble on Skylers ear lobe.
"I love you."
"I love you... too.. mmm."
Skyler slid his fingers gently down Ian’s shirtless back, sending a sensation threw Ian.
"Skyler, I’m home!"
"Shit... my mom!"
Ian jumped when he heard Skylers mom's voice. Skyler got up and went into the kitchen to greet his mom. Ian could hear them talking about Ian getting kicked out and staying there for a while. When Skyler came back Ian had his shirt back on and was sitting clicking through the TV. channels there was nothing good on at this hour. Setting down a bowl of chesses and two cans of Smirnoff ice, he took a seat on the floor below Ian. Pressing his cheek against Ian’s, he ran his hand down Ian’s arm.
"My mom said you could stay... as long as you want."
This placed a smile on both Ian and Skylers lips. They would finally have time alone, and not have to make up lies for Mr. York. And try not to get caught. Ian sat patted his chest. Skyler grabbed a chip from the bowl and took Ian’s offer. He got up from the floor and laid his head down on Ian’s chest just below his heart letting his legs sprawl out on the couch.
"Babe, I love you... no matter what happens to us. Don’t ever forget that!"
"I love you too Ian."
Skyler closed his eyes, covering his mouth letting out a small yawn. He could feel Ian kiss the top of his head. Skyler just sat there for a while listening to Ian’s heart, it sounded so majestic, so pretty, it was the only sound he wanted to hear.
"I can hear your heart beat..."
"It will only beat if I’m with you."
Skyler smiled drifting off to sleep as he was cuddled in Ian’s arms. Yeah this was right where he wanted to be... forever.
Ian couldn’t have been asleep for very long when he awoke suddenly with a hand around his throat throttling him, he opened his eyes with a start, he found himself staring into the enraged eyes of his father,
“What did I tell you piece of filth!” He spat into Ian’s face, in the background Ina could hear Skyer’s mom screaming, and Skyler himself yelling and trying to drag Ian’s father off him. There were obvious signs of a forced entry, due to Skylers bedroom door hanging by its hinges.
“I hate you, you bastard!” Ian’s body was pulsing with a new rage, he lunged forward against his fathers immense strength, with the help of Skyler pulling back on him Mr York tumbled backwards colliding with Skylers TV before crashing hard to the floor, he looked up at Ian his eyes full of hatred and disgust.
“I told you fag, I told you I would come I said I’d kill ya!”
“leave” Skyler screamed at him, tears of fear running relentlessly down his face, “leave him alone, he’s your son!”
“No son of mine will live to be a gay!” Ian’s father shouted back, at this he made a lunge for Ian but before he could reach Ian’s throat again Skylers foot had connected with his face, he went reeling backward clutching his nose, which was surely broken, the sickening sight of blood was beginning to seep through Mr York’s hand. A look of extreme surprise had appeared on his face.
Skyler’s moms entrance was announced by her intensified screaming upon the sight of Ian’s bloody faced Father who was momentarily just sitting and staring shocked at her in the broken door way,
“Skyler! What have you done?”
“He’s trying to kill him!” Skyler protested looking almost as disgusted as Mr York as his eyes ran over the bloody man before him.
“I’ve called the police” said Skyler’s mom hysterically, “there on their way, now” This seemed to bring Ian’s dad back to his senses, he made a sudden movement towards Skylers terrified looking mom, she screamed louder, this time it was Ian who moved, he tackled his father inches away from his goal, the pair went colliding into Skyker’s closet, a bowling ball, which had had a quiet life on top of Skylers closet (he never cared much for the sport) became dislodged from its resting place, it came crashing down on the head of Ian’s dad, who then slumped on the floor unconscious.
“Holy shit! Is he dead?” Skyler was already leaning over the mound of Mr York on the floor, “no I have a pulse!”
“Yeah, but what if the police think its GBH…” Ian shouted over Skyler’s moms if possible louder and high pitched screaming!
“Holy fucking Jesus! What happened here?” A policeman had stepped over the wreckage of Skylers bedroom door, staring around at the carnage of Mr York’s handy work, and then down at him, as he began to stir on the floor, “what happened here?” he asked turning to Skyler “ who is he?”
“That’s is Ian’s dad” Skyler explained gesturing to Ian next to him, who was still looking shocked, Skyler began to explain the situation, about Ian being gay, and his father being notoriously homophobic, Ian was grateful that Skyler had explained as, there was a larger apple sized lump materialising in his throat.
“what the fuck…” moaned a voice from the floor, Mr York had come to.
“You sir” said the cop, exercising his authority’ “ are under arrest, for the attempted murder of Ian York on grounds of prejudice” he continued to explain My York’s rights to attorney.
“What? No!” Mr York was obviously still groggy from his attack, “ You can’t arrest me for ‘spanking my boy’” he said in air quotes,.
“Afraid I can..” said the cop, he handcuffed Mr York, Ian was surprised at how much his father was cooperating with the cop, but as he turned to leave Mr York spun on Ian, I wont forget fag! I’ll be bailed, and as soon as I am I will be after you!” On this note he turned as the cop pulled him through the door saying “that will do” in a comforting manner.
Skylers mom heaved an over-heavy sigh of relief, “shall we head downstairs, I think we all need a stiff drink.”
Ian followed her downstairs into the kitchen Skyler close behind him. Ian had always liked Skylers house, it was far bigger than his own, I suppose it all added to Ian’s now ever growing jealousy toward Skyler, his parents were open minded and had no problem with him being gay, or having a boyfriend. Ian always felt a sense of welcome at Skyler’s they had been friends since they were kids and, both of Skylers parents were very fond of him. Ian stared around the kitchen it was a familiar site, a large room with a high sealing covered in old timely style beams, although it was spring the room was still warmed by its large brick fireplace which stood as the centre piece of the room, they gathered round it, Skylers mom thrust some whiskey into Ian’s hands, it was a mug containing ‘The Simpsons’ in the banner it depicted Homer and Bart, Homer had is hands round Bart’s throat “why you little….” Ian’s throat caught again. He also couldn’t help but wonder if Bart had been gay? The thought almost brought a smile to his face; he drained his whiskey in one.
“Whoa, you little alcoholic!” Skyler laughed at him
“I need some rest” Ian replied
“Yeah we really should hit the hay” Skyler put down his tom and jerry mug and led the way back to his bedroom, they stepped over the wreckage of the door, and back to Skylers bed, Ian gratefully lay down on the soft mattress, Skyler gently bent over and kissed his cheek and then his forehead, Ian felt his tense body relax, and before he new it he drifted of to sleep peacefully in Skylers arms.
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