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Default how do u feel about

your gf or bf joking with someone else in a sexual way but not meaning it...
even tho they said they wont cheat on you...... or any thing and its only a JOKE...

this happens to my friends (and myself) every now and then... just wanted to see your opinions.

how do u feel and why?

i mean it trips me out cuz... well.. it all started about us talking about this girl (who would joke sexually to him..and he did it back.. LONG time ago.) now he says he feels bad about what he said then he was saying how he jokes like that and its only a JOKE.. he just changed the story around and didnt really give me full detail..until now..i mean..he jokes sexually to me too... it doesnt make any sense.

i dont joke like that cuz when i did... something bad would happen to me (guys tried to do nasty stuff to me..)
and he tried saying it was dumb on my part cuz i cant take defend myself really... (this was like a year ago too when i was 13...when i would joke like that)
and he tells me that he wouldnt cheat on me and he;ll back away from anyone who misinterprets it . and its bad on my part cuz im "a girl" but he can do it cuz hes a guy? it doesnt make SENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

i feel like crap. its always my fault i just did it to myself.. thats the vibe im getting and i really regret wha thappend and what i did..
he says hes not mad cuz this is a dumb reason..but its really tripping me out and as much as he said its the last thing he'd do... he hurt me
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