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Default My friend..

ok i have this friend. his name is barry... and he cuts...well not only cuts but i mean hurts hiself or finds other people to hurt him. one time i was gonin to my friends (brandy) house for the weekend before valentines day and barry was goin to the same house with brandys brother (shawn). well we get there and barry finds this blade thing and carves a tic tac toe board on his arm and asks me "wanna play tic tac toe?" i said "no!" and ran and got him a paper towel. well like 3 hours later he and i were talkin and he said to me "keisha dont tell amber that i cut myself." (amber was his gf btw) so i kinda nodded. well the next day we all were playin with fire crackers and shawn lit one and barry said "hey shawn throw it to me" so shawn threw it to him and bout that time he did, barry caught it and it blew up, blowin a hole into barrys hand. well later on that day brandy and i were in the house and barry came runnin in there sayin "hey yall come out here and play this game with us" so we went out there and barry and shawn were throwin a needle like dart at each others feet. so we formed a circle like and started throwin it at each other. it stuck me twice but barry would stick his foot out so it would stick him. well we decided not to play that anymore but barry kept the dart and stuck himself in the hand with it like many times. ok then the nexy day shawn was playin with his bee bee gun and barry said "shawn shoot me" and shawn was all like "r u serious?" n barry said "yes" so shawn shot him twice in the stomach. well when we got back to school i told amber what had happened cause really i was worried bout him. well amber asked him bout it and he got mad at me and told me it was wrong for me to tell her that. was i so wrong? im so scared for him.

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