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Default please read!!!i actually thought this one was cool!

You like the way I used you.
You hate the way people give you those valuable gifts.
You remind me so much of myself.
With those fake emotions that you carry around.
You were never happy in the first place.
I should have never told you about those feelings.
It probably makes you feel worse knowing that you dont feel the same.

You pray to god every night.
Asking him to make you love me.
Because you dont and never will.
You are too kind to admit it to my face.
You are too nice to throw away those rotten roses and the old vase.
So you just sit and wait until you have an excuse...
You have to have a valid excuse that wont hurt me too much.
You need another replace.

Weeks and months pass by, still no answer from you my dear.
Then one day you come and admit that you have a new boyfriend.
It took you along time to admit.
It didnt make me feel so bad...
I knew it would happen anyway.
There i am faking my emotions again...
It devastated me!
I looked at your picture until the tears that fell from my eyes made it drenched with love.
A shattered heart.
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