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R.I.P. Died 25th July 2005

I was just getting home in the morning, when a neighbour stopped me before i got in, they told me a cat was hit by a car 10inutes ago and died on scene, they thought it was my cat,
So i went to her front garen, and there was paws, lying dead, wrapped in a towl, i fell to my knees, and started to cry,
i picked him up, held him in my arms and cuddled him as i walked home, i left him in my back garden, i continued to cry as i placed him on the garden table. i took a spade and dug, i dug 4feet down to where his brother lay, he had fallen victem to a car March 2004. I Then took Paws for once last time and placed him in the hole. I covered back over the earth and firmly patted it all down. I then Placed a stone, slightly into the ground as a marker for where my cats, now both dead, rest.

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