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Originally Posted by koler
What is the relevent topic. I'm sorry if the death of 3000 people did'nt make you a little sad. The people in the rest of the world make me sad too. But to know that many of our family members spent their last secondes in an airplane calling their families and crying for their mother. Its strange that you don't care. What is it with you people and the moon. If we did'nt go, who cares, it still is a good acomplishment. Dont you think that, seeing as how russia was competing, if the film was fake then they wouold have said somthing. I as well am happy we have the best troops, by far, then any other country in the world. We may not have found one guy in a world of 7 billion citizens. How tragic. Lets seeyou find him. I think we did a good job in our search.

You say our. Well knowing America and all the Interbreeding and pussy hippies who think that we are all brothers and sisters you're probably right

so by your definition a good job is bombing some empty hills lie to the public and why you're at it just kill some innocent people

If we didn't go it's still a good acomoplishment ok so lying is a good acomplishment. so a murderer who kills someone then says he didn't is a good acomplisher ? I'd hate to be on trial if you were on the jury
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