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Default America is a shithole

America is such a shithole because of it's people:

'oh wow look at us we live in the "greatest" country in the world we were first to the moon and our armed forces are the best.'

If the 'greatest' country in the world is so great why were they crippled after sept 11th ?? o.k 3000 people were killed... so ?? about 320,000,000 people die a day. Let me put that into math form to see the overall effect on the world

3000 divided by 320,000,000 = 9.375 x 10 ^-6

next topic "we were first to the moon"

no you wern't recent scientific evideb#nce has proven man has never walked on the moon

finally " our armed forces are the best"

Yes, because they did such a good job in catching Osamma Bin Laden that they decided to skip the end of one war and just jump straight to Iraq and a lot of good they've done there. So there you go. Anyone who disagrees has the right to suck my dick.
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