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honestly..why should they care what happens? They don't care if a couple of 13 14 15 year old girls get pregnant ..honestly..they really dont. you can't CAN'T CAN NOT set an age to that kind of say "most" people that age aren't mature would you know? did you take a poll of the entire US population of 16 year olds? Truth is some 10 year olds are more mature than some 21 year olds you don't know....time does not make you wiser...experience does and yes provided with more time more experience creeps in IF the person is exposed to it.....but you NEVER know what a person has been through dont need to be 18 to know how fucked up and cruel this world can corrupt people are...a LOT of teens are just as mature as adults are....noone is to say "most" are or "most" aren't cus really we dont know I'm just saying you can't set a limit on that kind of just can't

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