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Default i cant stop crying!

me and my boyfriend had a talk about a certain serious subject and he was telling me that it was dumb and he didnt wanna talk about it and im so sad that he said that because this is a very serious subject to me and it means so much and he doesnt seem to care.
earlier we were talking about what i went thru in the past w/ guys and stuff and right after that BOOM
"did you know we coulda had sex already"
well yeah i knew that but cmon now...
im just so upset cause soon afterwards im sure i made him upset and i feel terrible and im such a damn crybaby i wont stop crying
what is wrong with me
i stayed up til 6+ cause im sad and i just want to be happy
i doubt my boyfriends going to call me cause hes upset...
i love him so much and im thankful he at least said it back.

i feel so unloved tho.. like nothing i do matters now im crying and it sucks... ive been crying for like 2 hours now....
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