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Default Re: Loss of Virginity Survey

Age: 13
Gender: girl
Orientation: bi

How old were you when you lost your virginity? 8
With a boy or girl? Who was it? My dad
How old was your partner? Late 40s
Was it their first time? No
Where were you? Parents bed
How big was his/your penis, and was there trouble getting it in? 9 inches and thick and Ye at first
Was it painful? Yeah but good pain
What position(s)? Missionary doggystyle me on top piledriving and others I'm not sure of their names
How long was it? First was about 3 hours but we kept going for about 2 days
Did you engage in anything else, such as oral or anal? Both and Facefucking, piss and shit
[GUYS] Did you cum? Inside or somewhere else? Did your partner cum?
[GIRLS] Did you cum? Did your partner cum? (if your partner was a guy) Inside or somewhere else?Yepp and Yepp 22 times over the two days. About six were in my pussy. Then some were in my ass and down my throat but about 10 were on my face and hair. He wanted me to look like a whore.
What method of birth control did you use (if any)? none
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