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well look at it this way, if she didnt drop the stock, she still would be richer than most people, she did drop the stock and guess what, shes still richer than most people, hell she fell off the billionaires list, and is back on.

With OJ I think he did it, but that was 10-11 years ago.

With Kobe, I dont think he did it. What I think with Kobe was, that He had sex with this girl, and she wanted to continue a relationship with him, he said No, she cried rape.

Well you know how i feel bout the Mj trial, so im not gonna get into that.

Lil Kim got screwed by her own people, she lied to protect them ( she lied to a grand jury, which is a big no no). The case comes, the people she protected stab her in the back and said that she knew.

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