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Originally Posted by nwshc
Originally Posted by cosmos
i dont think martha stewart deserved jail, in fact i dont think she should be labled a criminal at all. whats so wrong about "inside trading", if she gets tipped off lucky martha. i wish i could get tipped off too maybe i could make some money
She should be in jail for the max allowed sentencing. There are plenty of things wrong with insider trading. I forget, was it Imclone stock? Well i think she had about 50,000 to 75,000 dollars in Imclone stock. She Had a good broker. Well that broker finds out that Imclone will plummet the next day. Advises Martha to trade ALL stock. Ya, sure she is lucky. But what happens to the little guys?
What happens to the people that struggle everyday and that have stocks to try and make some money to pull them out of a financial hole? They get royally fucked up the ass. While Martha was so "lucky" to get back her 50,000 dollars, the little guys get nothing. Because they didn't cheat. They played the "game" fairly
Getting Tipped off is just like cheating. She should have criminal written all over her.
THOSE PEOPLE WOULD HAVE BEEN FUCKED REGARDLESS OF MARTHA AND HER ADVANTAGE. they wouldnt have known anyways, so whether she walks away as poor as them or rich as she was, noone else makes a different
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