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. analysing everything that i do to see if they are characteristic OCD or not. yes i have been diagnosed.
. checking and checking my apparance, and re-reading thinks on the internet
. having imaginary conversations in which i talk to my friends or psychiatrist repeating and repeating a conversation.
. obsessing about what strangers think of me.... i aviod public places at times
. obsessing wither i lie without noticing.

I am a tad obsessive with OCD so this will be my one and only post but i just, wanted to post a few things that hopefully may help people that have or may have OCD.

. If you think that you may have OCD, and are a very anxious about seeing a doctor for a refferal then their is a great "icebreaker" sheet(i am not able to link it on this site, as this is against this forums rules...and fair enough no one wants spam) but if you google OCDuk you will find it- it is really great as it has a wealth of knowlege on OCD.
. Keeping busy doing things that i enjoy really helps me as it tends to give my mind something to preoccupy itself on, and the Obsessive thoughts may take a "backseat"
And if the thoughts decide to come back later that day, you might be able to look at them with a more logical perspective, so that things will not be blown out of proportion.
. With the vicous cycle of this disorder: the obsessions,anxiety, and guilt and frustration that may follow, this can quite understandbly give us, a negative view on life. You might think things such as "I cant be bothered getting better".
But it is important to try and take steps to ignore these feelings.
To gain more control over the obsessive thoughts the following may be helpful.
. With OCD it is important to acknowlege the thought, then pay this "irrational" thought no importance, (otherwise youd be ruminating and doubting) and move on, it can be hard, but with effort it is possible.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is seen to be very affective for OCD and medication in the form of SSRI's are also very effective for some people, they are however a very personal matter, and it is trial and error, in terms of trying different dosages and right medication, to find the one thats right for you. They may take between 3-4 weeks until they have a positive effect. When i first started on the SSRI citalopram (i started on 10mg and will be going on 30mg shortly) i had quite bad chest pains, although thankfully i do not have these any more, i think that they were a result of my anxiety surronding taking the MEds, but if anyone is in some same position i would recommend that you consult your doctor.
. I think that many people think irrational thoughts at times, such as "is their a camera in the house?" but with OCD, this irrational thought just repeats and repeats causing alot of stress and it may be hard for you to distract yourself from this thought.
Its paramount, to keep in mind that the only person you are harming with your thoughts is yourself. and yes that may sound down right silly to some .
Please take care everyone
Lirelle....yes i ramble alot

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