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Default Re: Checklist of Common OCD Symptoms

Ever hear of the term 'truism'? That means something that's true for just about everyone. Be careful when looking at check lists of symptoms for anything complicated. Check lists are notoriously simple. And inaccurate. Psychiatric diagnoses are very complicated, and require more than the symptoms on a simple check list.

The hallmark of OCD (O=obsessive, the intrusive, irrational thoughts demanding your attention that you cannot stop, and C=complusions, the urgently, irrational demanding need to do something, usually in response to those thoughts). The key term in both is irrational (as in senseless). When things are senseless, they don't make any real sense, there's an irrational quality to them. Needing to go back and check the front door doesn't qualify, and needing a tidy room doesn't , either. Likewise, because they are so urgently felt, and so irrational, they consume the individual afflicted with OCD. The symptoms really interfere with life in a rather massive way. So, even if you need to brush yor teeth a ceratin way and put on your socks 'just so', if it doesn;t get in the way, it's probably not OCD.

Being particular,or even being peculiar, dooes't mean you have a psychiatric disorder. It needs to interfere with life in a big way. Unless that happens, you're not suffering from it.
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