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Default Re: Checklist of Common OCD Symptoms

Symptom: Excessive concerns about dirt, germs, contaminants
Symptom: Feelings of revulsion about bodily waste and secretions
Symptom: Obsessions about one's body
Symptom: Abnormal concerns about sticky substances or residues
Symptom: Need to align objects just so
Symptom: Rewording or rewriting words or phrases
Symptom: Repeated intruding images of violence
Symptom: The fear of acting out a violent thought
Symptom: Rituals involving food
Symptom: The feeling that household items are contaminated
Symptom: The need for symmetry and total order in one's environment
Symptom: Accumulating useless objects
Symptom: A feeling of dread if some arbitrary act is not performed
Symptom: Counting compulsions
Symptom: Excessive list making

I didn't even know list-making was a symptom, haha. I don't think my symptoms are anything to worry about. My dad has OCD, so it's fairly likely I'd have some form of it too. But this doesn't get in the way of things. My symptoms aren't so much "I have to do this or something bad will happen", but "this makes me feel comfortable, so I'm going to do it". I used to have this big nighttime ritual that I had to go through before I could sleep, everything had to be just so or I wouldn't feel comfortable or safe. But in working through my anxiety, I've gotten rid of that one.
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