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Default Re: Loss of Virginity Survey

Age: 15
Gender: M
Orientation: S

How old were you when you lost your virginity? 13
With a boy or girl? Who was it? well... my girlfriend ?
How old was your partner? 14
Was it their first time? yes
Where were you? on her bed
How big was his/your penis, and was there trouble getting it in? 3.5, no problem ^^
Was it painful? no
What position(s)?
How long was it? i dont know, my mind was busy elsewhere than watch the clock ...
Did you engage in anything else, such as oral or anal? she started with a hj first
[GUYS] Did you cum? Inside or somewhere else? Did your partner cum? I orgasmed but I dont cum yet
[GIRLS] Did you cum? Did your partner cum? (if your partner was a guy) Inside or somewhere else?
What method of birth control did you use (if any)? no
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